Punch drunk & humbled!

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It’s been quite mad …

This time last week we were frantically preparing for our opening and we knew that with the Alice and the Hatter theme we were onto something special but nothing could have prepared us for the huge support we’ve had from our customers, the media and other local businesses in and around Herne Bay.  To be honest, we would be a little more punch drunk if it were not for the fact that we’ve had to stay grounded and focused on each day as its dawned! Yes, it’s not been all plain sailing and it’s fair to say we’ve had a few hiccups as you might expect with any new venture but, on the whole, and judging by the very positive feedback from many of our customers, it looks like we’re on the right track and we’re learning quickly, all the time, the nuances of what our customers want and expect from us and adjusting as we go.

One massive surprise to us has been the enquiries we’ve received from overseas visitors, keen to make bookings and add us to their itinerary.  This is fantastic, not just for us but for Herne Bay itself, as we’ll be bringing people into the town who may not have otherwise visited and that can only be great news.

So, a week down the line, a huge thank you from all of us at Alice and the Hatter and we look forward to seeing you soon for more curious and curiouser encounters 🙂

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